Martina Hall

As a little girl Martina always believed her talent in persuasion would make her a good lawyer but suspected her parents may have called it ignorance.

As an Indigenous woman, Martina’s engagement in Legal Studies has enhanced her sense of justice and desire to help demolish the divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

She is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Laws at the Queensland University of Technology. In January 2019, she was given the opportunity to work at CastleGate Law and her first role in the firm was administration support. She is now a Paralegal, assisting the Principal, Kate Roberts with a range of her matters, particularly conveyancing.

Her attention to detail and high level of communication ensure a smooth conveyancing process and this is assisted by her having a good relationship with the listing and selling Agents in pursuit of the same goal.

Martina’s passion for this field of law continues to grow. She is very appreciative of Kate being her mentor and allowing her the opportunity to grow and gain deeper legal experience. Once she concludes her legal studies, she would like to continue practicing law with the same values of CastleGate Law into the future.

When she is not working or studying, Martina can usually be found in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Her delectable dishes are influenced by her mother’s Filipino culture, but she has also been known to whip up a batch of delicious sausage rolls for the Gympie office on many occasions.