Jasmine Michalowictz

Jasmine opens the line of communication between clients and colleagues. With over 5 years collective experience in a number of management roles, she has acquired an abundance of skills that have more than prepared her for the role she has taken on within our firm.

She has worked in Gympie since the age of 14, and to date that gives her 9 years’ experience working in the local community. She takes great pride in this achievement as well as demonstrating her interest in the care she takes with clients generally.

Her team building, professional development, and organisational skills are a most valuable asset within the office.

Jasmine has always had a passion for the legal profession and is currently studying a Diploma of Legal Services, to accompany this tertiary study she commenced work with CastleGate Law as she wanted to gain experience in day to day legal work.

She hopes to move on to her Bachelor of Law degree after the completion of her Diploma and cannot wait for the many experiences to come. Jasmine is thrilled with the opportunity she has with CastleGate Law and is passionate about the company’s success.

Jasmine was also born and raised in the Mary Valley, and loves chatting to and engaging with our many clients from the area.